About Alimay Homes

Experience does makes the difference. When choosing a builder, it’s important to know you’re not just selecting a company to build your dream home. You’ll find it comforting to know, that you are choosing a veteran builder that will personally make your vision a reality! Our extensive knowledge and experience makes Alimay Homes the right choice.

John Ferren is a second generation home builders. He has proudly inherited the knowledge and skill sets passed down from one generation to the next generation. He truly understands every stage your home goes through during construction and will make sure your home fulfills the high standards of quality and value.

AT ALIMAY HOMES, We have spent almost two decades doing what we love…building and designing some of the finest homes in the Tampa Bay area where quality is visible in every home.  We are passionate about fulfilling the hopes and dreams of all our Homeowners. Because this is a family-owned business, we proudly stand behind each and every home we build. We believe everyone deserves a home that makes them feel secure and content. A home they can be proud to enjoy with family and friends, and making memories for years to come.

So each day you can find us analyzing, planning, testing, creating and evaluating every aspect of our business for improvements. It is our commitment to you, our Home Buyer, to continually rise above and beyond the basic standards and deliver superior quality and service that you deserve. This is  what we refer to as the ALIMAY WAY!

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